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  Curled Up With a Good Book
*Georgia* by Dawn Tripp
Dawn Tripp's
Author Dawn Tripp talks about her biographical novel of Georgia O'Keefe, the artist's complex relationship with photographer Joseph Stieglitz, the risk of mixing passion and vision, the transformative power of solitude, and the fierce spirit of a woman who refused to stand by and let herself and her art be “written down by the Men."

Read the full interview with Georgia author Dawn Tripp.
  Dawn Tripp on *Georgia*
Dawn Tripp on Georgia

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Abu-Jaber, Diana (Crescent)
Abu-Jaber, Diana (The Language of Baklava)
Abu-Jaber, Diana (Origin)
Alumit, Noel (Talking to the Moon)

Badami, Anita Rau (Tamarind Woman)
Baker, Tiffany (The Little Giant of Aberdeen County)
Barnett, Stephen (The Road to Makokota)
Barrett, Andrea (The Air We Breathe)
Berry, Steve (The Jefferson Key)
Blackwell, Elise (The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish)
Bondy, Filip (Tip-Off)
Boyden, Amanda (Babylon Rolling)

Cartwright, Justin (To Heaven by Water)
Christopher, Nicholas (The Bestiary)
Clark, Clare (The Nature of Monsters)
Clevenger, Craig (The Contortionist's Handbook)
Coake, Christopher (We're in Trouble)
Cokal, Susann (Breath and Bones)
Cole, Joni B. (This Day in the Life)
Colt, Jennifer (The Vampire of Venice Beach)
Conrad, Christine (Mademoiselle Benoir)
Cowell, Stephanie (Claude & Camille: A Novel of Monet)
Cowell, Stephanie (Marrying Mozart)
Cross, Donna Woolfolk (Pope Joan)

Daniels, Neil (All Pens Blazing, Vols. 1 & 2)
Daniels, Neil (Don't Stop Believin': The Untold Story of Journey)
Den Hartog, Kristen (Water Wings)
DeSimone, Lewis (Chemistry)
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee (Queen of Dreams)
Dolby, Tom (The Sixth Form)
Donoghue, Emma (Life Mask)

Falco, Edward (Wolf Point)
Fennelly, Beth Ann (Tender Hooks)
Fenton, Craig (Have You Seen the Stars Tonite)
Fenton, Craig (Take Me to a Circus Tent)
Florian, Douglas (zoo's who - children's)
Forbes, Elena (Die With Me)
Ford, Michael Thomas (Changing Tides)
Francis, David (Stray Dog Winter)
Fuller, David (Sweetsmoke)
Fulmer, David (Jass)
Fulmer, David (Rampart Street)
Fulmer, David (The Dying Crapshooter's Blues)
Fulmer, David (The Blue Door)
Fulmer, David (Lost River)

Gaige, Amity (The Folded World)
Gaiter, Leonce (Bourbon Street)
Ghosh, Amitav (The Hungry Tide)
Giridharadas, Anand (India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation's Remaking)
Goble, Faith (Elementa)
Gore, Kristin (Sammy's House)
Greenwood, Gillian (Satisfaction)
Gregory, Philippa (The Other Queen)
Grippando, James (Born to Run)
Gross, Andrew (Eyes Wide Open)
Gruen, Sara (Water for Elephants)

Haeger, Diane (The Queen's Mistake)
Hansen, Jim Michael (Fatal Laws)
Hariharan, Githa (In Times of Siege)
Higginbotham, Susan (The Traitor's Wife)
Higgins, Chester (Echo of the Spirit)
Hobbet, Anastasia (Small Kingdoms)
Hopkinson, Nalo (The Salt Roads)
Hoskyns, Barney (Trampled Under Foot: The Power and Excess of Led Zeppelin)
Hospital, Janette Turner (Orpheus Lost)
Houston, Pam (Sight Hound)
Hudson, Suzanne (In a Temple of Trees)
Hudson, Suzanne (In the Dark of the Moon)

Jha, Raj Kamal (If You are Afraid of Heights)
Joseph, Sheri (Stray)

Kabak, Carrie (Cover the Butter)
Kapur, Akash (India Becoming: A Portrait of Life in Modern India)
Kelman, Nic (Girls)
Kinder, R.M. (An Absolute Gentleman)
Kirkwood, Curt (Too High to Die: Meet the Meat Puppets by Greg Prato)
Kline, Christina Baker (Bird in Hand)
Knight, Robert M. (Rock Gods: Forty Years of Rock Photography)
Kowalski, William (Eddie's Bastard)
Kriegel, Mark (Namath)
Kumar, Amitava (Husband of a Fanatic)

Lakhani, Anisha (Schooled)
Lash, Batton (The Soddyssey and Other Tales of Supernatural Law)
Lawson, Michael (The Inside Ring)
Lawson, Michael (The Second Perimeter)
Leroy, Margaret (Yes, My Darling Daughter)
Lindbergh, Judith (The Thrall's Tale)
Lindsay, Jeff (Darkly Dreaming Dexter)
Long, David (The Inhabited World)
Luongo, Michael T. (The Voyeur, Gay Travels in the Muslim World)

Maistros, Louis (The Sound of Building Coffins)
Malladi, Amulya (The Mango Season)
Markovits, Ben (Childish Loves)
Martin, Eric (Winners)
Mayo, C.M. (The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire) - guest blog
McBride, Regina (The Marriage Bed)
McNicholl, Damian (A Son Called Gabriel)
Meadows, Rae (No One Tells Everything)
Meyer, Deon (Dead at Daybreak)
Meyers, Kent (The Work of Wolves)
Meyers, Kent (Twisted Tree)
Moran, Michelle (Cleopatra's Daughter)
Morrissey, Donna (Sylvanus Now)
Morrissey, Michael (The Pride and the Pressure)
Murphy, D.J. (A Thousand Veils)
Murphy, Peter (Lagan Love)

Nani, Christel (Diary of a Medical Intuitive)
Novack, Sandra (Precious)

O'Dell, Tawni (Sister Mine)
O'Malley, Thomas (In the Province of Saints)
Owens, Sharon (The Ballroom on Magnolia Street)

Phan, Aimee (We Should Never Meet)
Picoult, Jodi (My Sister's Keeper)
Prato, Greg (Dynasty: The Oral History of the New York Islanders, 1972-1984)
Prato, Greg (The Eric Carr Story and MTV Ruled the World)

Quinn, Jay (The Beloved Son)
Quinn, Jay (The Boomerang Kid)

Redfern, Nick (On the Trail of the Saucer Spies)
Reuben, Shelly (Tabula Rasa)
Robotham, Michael (Suspect)
Rose, M.J. (The Reincarnationist)
Ryan, Patrick (Send Me and Saints of Augustine)
Rymer, Ruth (Susannah, a Lawyer)

Saltzman, Devyani (Shooting Water)
Schutt, Christine (Florida)
Scofield, Sandra (Occasions of Sin)
Scott, Susan Holloway (Royal Harlot)
Scudamore, James (The Amnesia Clinic)
Sharp, Ken (Starting Over: The Making of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Double Fantasy)
Sherman, Dayne (Welcome to the Fallen Paradise)
Sherwood, Frances (Vindication)
Shreve, Anita (Light on Snow)
Silver, Marisa (No Direction Home)
Slaughter, Carolyn (A Black Englishman)
Smith, Anne Easter (A Rose for the Crown)
Smith, Bob (Selfish & Perverse)
Somerville, Rowan (The End of Sleep)
Stover, Matthew Woodring (Blade of Tyshalle)
Straight, Susan (Between Heaven and Here)
Straight, Susan (A Million Nightingales)
Straight, Susan (Take One Candle, Light a Room)
Svrluga, Barry (National Pastime)

Tripp, Dawn (Game of Secrets)

Upp, Sharon (House on the Bridge: Ten Turbulent Years with Diego Rivera)

Vantrease, Brenda Rickman (The Mercy Seller)
Vecsey, George (Eight World Cups: My Journey through the Beauty and Dark Side of Soccer)
Vreeland, Susan (The Book That Changed My Life)

Waldman, Ayelet (Love and Other Impossible Pursuits)
Wall, Mick (Enter Night: A Biography of Metallica)
Wallace, Melanie (Blue Horse Dreaming)
Wallace, Melanie (The Housekeeper)
Warren, Lissa (The Savvy Author's Guide to Book Publicity)
White, Edmund (Hotel de Dream)
Weir, Alison (Innocent Traitor: A Novel of Lady Jane Grey)
Weir, Alison (The Lady Elizabeth)
Westin, Jeane (The Virgin's Daughters: In the Court of Elizabeth I)
Wilson, John Morgan (Spider Season)
Wilson, Robert (The Big Killing)
Wilson, Robert (The Vanished Hands)
Wilson, Robert (The Hidden Assassins)
Wilson, Robert (The Ignorance of Blood)
Wilson, Robert Charles (Axis)
Worth, Sandra (The King's Daughter)
Worth, Sandra (Lady of the Roses)
Worth, Sandra (The Rose of York trilogy)
Jennifer Bort Yacovissi (Up the Hill to Home trilogy)
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