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*Diary of a Medical Intuitive* author Christel NaniAn Interview with
Christel Nani

Interviewer Marie D. Jones: Why is such a technologically advanced species such as ours so filled with fear and resistance when it comes to embracing energy medicine and healing? How can we be so progressive on one level, and almost primitive on the other?

Christel Nani: This is a great example of the power of tribal beliefs. Tribal law gives authority to Western doctors and anything outside of the tribe is usually met with fear. If you engage in an activity or way of life that is not accepted by the tribe, your way will likely be met with fear or ridicule because if everyone started thinking or doing outside of the box [or tribal way], the tribe might cease to exist. And ridicule is a quick way to bring people back into the tribe. Thatís why fear will never be healed by technology---only by individuals being willing to let go of the old tried and true way, and follow their guidance or what raises their vibration.

What in-roads are medical intuitives and other energy healers making into general medicine and the healthcare system? Is there still major resistance or a more accepting attitude from other medical professionals?

Any inroads being made are by specific individuals like myself who have the respect of physicians and psychologists based on the accuracy of the readings on their patients. Unfortunately, many people call themselves medical intuitives who have no medical training. Many are fly by night energy healers who put out a shingle and start practicing with no qualifications. Thus the legitimacy of my field is hampered. But there is a small group of us who are turning the tide based on our work, our training, our practice, and our results!

Can anyone be a medical intuitive, or do you feel this is a special gift or talent, just as being an artist or great musician is?

Not everyone can be a medical intuitive as it is a specific gift that must be honed and requires a strong medical foundation. It is such a strong part of your nature that it pulls you--one does not choose to be a medical intuitive, it chooses you.

How do you deal with the inevitable frustration and burn-out that must come from seeing just how much spiritual suffering goes on in the world? Do you ever feel like throwing in the towel, and if not, what keeps you positive?

It saddens me when I see how hard people make their own healing, and how much self-induced suffering occurs. It delights me to bring them an alternative way of life or healing. Burn out occurs as a result of doing work for which you have no magnetics and is a serious situation, which can lead to a condition which Iíve termed "Energetic Suicide." I have tremendous magnetics* for what I do---itís my way of being of service for God and raises my vibration. Staying positive is easy for me when I stay focused on delivering the message and the tools and donít take responsibility for whether the message is acted upon. I know I am a terrific messenger, and like all prophets, my job is to deliver the message clearly and accurately. When I see people whose lives have changed or who have gotten well or have become chronically happy because of my work, when before they were chronically sad, it lights a fire of joy inside of me. And for those who choose to ignore the message, my prayers are with them.

Energetic suicide, as you describe in your book, seems utterly rampant in today's divisive, fear-based society. What can one person do to protect themselves from the destructive attitudes and beliefs of the "masses" and keep their energy levels up despite all that is going on around them?

First, ask God for help and follow your guidance. Second, do a serious "dusting and cleaning" of unhealthy tribal beliefs in your root chakra. Third, live your life according to what raises your vibration. Fourth, invest your energy where you will get a return not a loss. Fifth, live in gratitude of and own your specific gifts.

For someone without the means to see an intuitive in their area, can you suggest a few simple things they can do to intuit their own illness and promote healing? Does working with another person facilitate greater healing or is it possible for someone to "heal thyself?"

You donít need an intuitive in your area. Because I work from the eighth chakra, it doesnít matter if you are sitting in front of me or in Paris for your reading or healing. Simply uncovering where you have magnetics in your life, will begin to facilitate a healing. I believe that each of us should take responsibility for our own healing and learning to do a self-intuitive diagnosis, identifying limiting tribal beliefs and healing the third chakra, the seat of our courage and self-esteem, will be put you in charge of that process. These tools can be learned from my tapes, books or workshops. Understanding your energetic blueprint and priority task in a reading lets you know exactly what needs to be done to heal yourself of a physical, emotional or spiritual illness.

Are you planning a new book?

Yes, itís called Guidance 24/7: How to Open Your Heart and Let Angels into Your Life. Itís the first of a five book series: Pocket Guides for Mind-Body-Spirit Health and will be in bookstores in early December 2004. Book two on Magnetics will be published in summer 2005.

[*Magnetics is a strong resonance for a specific situation---it canít be forced or faked. When you have magnetics for something, you feel vibrant and alive when you do it. You are acting in alignment with your soulís wishes. You can tell when you have magnetics for a relationship or profession because you are energized by being in it.]

Contributing reviewer Marie D. Jones talked with Christel Nani, author of Diary of a Medical Intuitive (see accompanying review) about her book, her work, and how people can begin to heal and restore their energy levels by working with a medical intuitive.


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