Psychic Living
Stacey Wolf
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Psychic Living: A Complete Guide to Enhancing Your Life
Stacey Wolf
Paraview Pocket Books
272 pages
December 2004
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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Everyone possesses psychic ability, but few know how to use it for the betterment of their lives. That’s the goal of Psychic Living, a fun and entertaining book that makes tuning into your psychic powers much less fearful and complicated than you may have ever imagined. In fact, according to the author, Stacey Wolf, a nationally known psychic, author and celebrity advisor, being connected to the energies of the universe is our natural state, and she has plenty of useful and intriguing ways to show you, the reader, how to tune into those energies.

Using a combination of personal insight, lighthearted humor and informative directness, Wolf explains what these universal energies are, how they tend to manifest as “psychic” events in our lives, and how we can utilize them to make our lives work better on every level, from the physical to the spiritual to the financial and romantic. With tons of exercises that are easy to do and require little more than your own body, a candle or two, and an open mind, the author takes us on a journey into the deeper levels of being, where our innate psychic energy is allowed to come to the surface.

Exercises read like something out of a typical self-help book with a strong spiritual emphasis, which makes this book highly accessible to people who may not like the sensationalistic trappings of the word “psychic.” Wolf teaches how to protect yourself from negative energies, tap into intuition, create sacred space for doing psychic work, use journaling and dreams to help discover answers to questions about destiny and purpose, the proper use of affirmations and visualization, and how to use meditation to get into contact with the inner source of wisdom.

Some readers may be expecting a more serious and direct “how-to” book with specific steps to take to make objects move with your mind, or see the future, or communicate with spirits. This book will disappoint, not because it won’t help you do any of those things, but because it stresses the importance of laying the important groundwork first, and that being more psychic means working (sometimes hard!) on building a mental and spiritual space so that the veil between two worlds can be lifted.

Psychic Living could have easily been given an alternate title without the word “psychic,” and been just as effective, because ultimately it is about going within, connecting with Source and living life from that connection. And if doing that increases your ability to have and create psychic experiences, well, that is the icing on the cake.

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