Perfectly Normal
Sandra Pertot
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Perfectly Normal: Living and Loving with Low Libido
Sandra Pertot
Rodale Books
256 pages
February 2005
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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There are plenty of books about sex on the market today. Sex manuals, books on sexual dysfunctions and books on how to have good sex. However, all of these books on sex and the talk of sex that can be heard on television, on the radio and all around them can often make those who donít think about sex a lot or do not want to have sex a lot feel like they have a major problem. Itís for these people that Sandra Pertot wrote Perfectly Normal: Living and Loving with Low Libido.

Perfectly Normal begins by introducing the concept of sexual illusions and why we are led to believe in this day and age that if we donít have frequent, passionate sex with our partners, there is something wrong with us. She explains how society has changed, as well as how the media affects our perceptions and how the sexes differ in their needs and wants. In the end of this chapter, she introduces the concept of "relationship sex," a sexual relationship that benefits both partners without following all of the established "rules" that the couple may perceive. Relationship sex takes into account the life events each partner is going through and recognizes that sometimes sexual activity must decrease or be put on hold.

In the second part of the book, Pertot introduces concepts on how to build an intimate relationship with your partner. She talks about a number of ideas for those who may have experienced sexual abuse in the past, who experience pain during sex, who find sex distasteful or even disgusting, who are too tired for sex or who just canít be bothered to find the time for sex. She makes sure to clarify the difference between couples who generally have a good relationship and those who have deeper problems that go beyond just sex.

With plenty of real-life stories to illustrate her points, Pertot does a good job of explaining the different reasons why a person may experience low libido, why it may or may not be a problem in the relationship and how the person can go about making it better if she deems it necessary. This is a wonderful book for women who have been wondering for a long time if their disinterest in sex is just the way they are or means there is something wrong with them or their relationship. The only thing I found wrong with this book is that Pertot writes the book exclusively about women with low libido problems and never recognizes the fact that men may suffer from low libido as well. The only chapter that focuses on men was telling men how to relate to women with low libido. Since Pertot is trying to be progressive and go against stereotypes with this book, I thought leaving out the fact that men may experience low libido was a pretty glaring omission.

Perfectly Normal is an important book for women who think they are suffering from low libido and are worried it is harming their relationship. Pertot provides research, information and plenty of character studies to help each woman learn more about herself and how she can improve her sexual relationship.

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