Deliver Us from Evil
Sean Hannity
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Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism
Sean Hannity
Regan Books
352 pages
February 2004
rated 1 of 5 possible stars

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Sean Hannity believes in evil. He not interested in discovering more about the nature of evil. Why was the US attacked on 9/11? Because terrorists are evil. Hannity doesn't entertain the notion that there might be more motivation than that. They're evil.

He offers a study on evil citing Nazi Germany as a prime example, detailing some of the many atrocities performed in concentration camps. He will show these details but offer no underlying motivation. That's his point. The only motivation in his world is evil. The Holocaust was undeniably evil, but his understanding of it is too simplistic and a bit off the mark.

It spread primarily from one man - Hitler himself - to a small circle of fanatics, and through them it infected the entire German culture.
His explanation seems to suggest that anti-Semitism is Hitler's brainchild. If Hannity's explanations for the horrors in the world seem tinny and insubstantial, perhaps that's why his conclusions are off the mark.

Throughout Deliver us from Evil, Hannity treats al-Quaida and Saddam Hussein as though they are related. As evidence he offers:

[H]ere is a man (Saddam) who had tortured and killed thousands of innocent Iraqis for the merest infractions, who gassed his own people, who ruled by fear and fiat. How can anyone believe he would hesitate to join forces with Bin Laden?
While that evidence wouldnít hold up under close scrutiny (as this is not Salem, and it is not 1692), it is stated as fact and continues through the book.

Also prominent throughout the book is the theme of the Liberals and their keen motives to further themselves politically. Sean repeatedly drones on about the Liberals' "purely political agenda," saying that they're "eager to exploit the war for their own partisan advantage." There are many instances where Sean uses this kind of rhetoric to describe liberals and democrats (no doubt through clenched teeth). He seems to believe that all liberals and democrats have some political end in mind, though all liberals and democrats are not politicians.

Itís clear from reading Deliver Us from Evil that Sean Hannity has the faith of a child in the simple concept of evil. Iím sure this book will find an audience with Seanís vast fan base, but itís unable to scratch the surface of the nature of evil. Thatís the point: Evil is just evil. Thatís not good enough.

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buy *Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism* online
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