Between Trapezes
Gail Blanke
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Between Trapezes: Flying Into a New Life with the Greatest of Ease
Gail Blanke
224 pages
August 2004
rated 3 1/2 of 5 possible stars

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Motivational speaker, executive coach and author Gail Blanke wants to teach you to feel comfortable in that strange and scary “in between” space, where the old way of doing things doesn’t work anymore, but a new way has yet to make itself known. Using imagery from circus trapeze artists to drive home her point, Blanke tells us that the moments we spend hanging in suspended animation between one trapeze bar to the other can be, and often are, the most powerful and transformative times of our lives.

Yet so many of us like to stay in our comfort zone, trapped in the past or anxious about the future, and this idea of taking a leap out into thin air terrifies us. Using several examples of real successful people Blanke has worked with, including Florida Senator Bob Graham, jazz guitarist Peter Mazza, and a host of business folks, entrepreneurial types and others struggling to fly into a new life, the author gives us a real inside look at what life could be like if we, too, learned to just let go and soar.

By embracing uncertainty, the author tells us, we can propel ourselves into a new life that lies in that shadowy unknown place. With plenty of practical and inspirational information to help us make that transition from the known to the unknown, Blanke, who has appeared on Oprah, CNN and other major TV outlets, coaches us through the process and helps us find our courage, our passion and our connection to this new life we are about to soar into. She tells us upfront that it will feel uncomfortable, but the promise of what lies ahead when we break through that discomfort is well worth it.

I found this book to be very entertaining, and I liked the trapeze imagery and metaphors for describing a time in life when we feel lost and uncertain, even terrified that our feet will never touch ground again. The exercises and tips are solid and helpful, and the personal stories of discovery and triumph prove that anyone can make this leap of faith, even come to enjoy the sensation of floating itself.

Between Trapezes is an inspiring and motivating book and contains plenty of helpful tools for living with uncertainty and the unknown. It didn’t bowl me over with any profound new insights I hadn’t read before, but certainly presented them in a fun and entertaining new light – swinging from bar to bar and loving the feeling of soaring through the air, holding onto nothing.

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