The Nightwalkers: Jacob
Jacquelyn Frank
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The Nightwalkers: Jacob
Jacquelyn Frank
320 pages
December 2006
rated 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars

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Jacquelyn Frankís debut novel introduces an exciting new paranormal series in an enthralling alternate world where Demons exist alongside humans. She takes what most of us believe about Demons and twists it to create something entirely new, fresh and compelling. You find yourself drawn into this world and caring about its people and their struggle to survive in the changing times.

Jacob is the Enforcer for the Demon race. His job is simple: to keep Demons from giving in to their lust for humans. Their law is strict and prohibits a Demon from having sexual relations with any creature outside its own species. Humans are much frailer than Demons and would be hurt during such an exchange even if the Demon did not intend for it to happen. There usually isnít much difficulty with this kind of thing; Demons are an intelligent and evolved race with a very high moral standard.

But a madness seems to pull at the Demons during the two sacred full moons of Beltane and Samhain. During that time, they are drawn to humans in a way that only the most disciplined can resist. Only Jacob is immune to the pull of lust that compels the Demons to seek out humans against their ancient laws. His control is legendary, his justice swift. Jacob is in New York to stop his younger brother from committing such a crime when he comes across the woman who will test his control and change his life and the destiny of his people forever.

Isabella Russ is a calm, bookish, stereotypical single librarian. She loves knowledge and has never felt quite in step with the world around her. While leaning out her window one night, staring at the moon, she literally falls into Jacobís arms. She immediately senses something is different about the handsome man, but she has no idea just how unique he truly is. The attraction between them is immediate, undeniable and completely against everything that Jacob holds sacred.

On top of this, unknown necromancers are summoning Demons to do their evil bidding. Demons were once threatened to extinction by this horrific enslavement, but the with the onset of Christianity, black sorcery faded from humankind. Now someone is dabbling once again in the black arts. Once summoned and trapped, a Demon is stripped of all that it is and becomes little more than a creature of nightmares with only two desires: survival and sating its lust. Totally enslaved, the Demon will do anything that the necromancer asks of it to see that these two desires are met.

Isabella and Jacob try to fight the fires of desires that flare to life whenever they are together. Jacob knows that Isabella is special not only to him, but possibly to his species. Together they must battle their growing attraction as well as the necromancers who are threatening Jacobís people. With the pull of the Samhain moon bringing the moon madness to his people, Jacob has more than enough to deal with. Meanwhile, Isabella is using her research talents to try and understand what is happening. What she discovers will change everything that Jacob has ever believed to be true and will rock the very foundations on which his world is built.

Jacquelyn Frank has certainly written something fresh and new in the paranormal genre. Powerful, compelling and totally captivating, this book draws you in quickly and takes you on the ride of your life. Her characters are very real and you care about what happens to them and their world. This is just the beginning of a series that has incredible promise; Frankís writing style is almost poetic at times as she lures you further into the world she has painstakingly created.

For paranormal lovers, this book is not to be missed. I canít wait to read the second book in this wonderful new series.

Originally published on Curled Up With A Good Book at © Norma Collins, 2006

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