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Buy *Starman (The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy, Bk 3)* online Starman (The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy, Bk 3)
Sara Douglass
Tor Fantasy
688 pages
January 2003
rated 5 of 5 possible stars

Completing the story of Axis and Azhure and leading into the next set of books in the series featuring their first born son, the third and final book in the "Wayfarer Redemption" trilogy opens with Gorgrael at the height of his power. Waiting. Suckling for the moment the Prophecy comes to an end so he can have full power over the land. Not only does he have the ability to conquer the Avar, Icarii and Archarite races; Gorgrael believes in the Prophecy of the Destroyer and believes that he, with little effort on his part, will be the winner in this cruel game.

The traitor is found but eludes capture. This man now leads the skraelings in an ordered, uniformed battle killing all in their path. Gorgrael and Timozel have underestimated the power Axis can wield using the StarDance. However, the control he holds is fragile and ready to bruise at the slightest misuse. Even though it did his bidding to destroy the Gryphon streaming down upon his men, Axis knew he would die. At least he should have.

While Axis goes to battle, Azhure awaits the lighting of the Temple of the Stars and the birth of the babes who despise their parents. It is at the moment Axis destroys Gorgrael's first Gryphon attack that Azhure nearly gives her life for her children to be born. Only neither may die even though both are in massive pain. The waves have called to Azhure since her arrival. Yet no one will speak until her babes are born. That night, her father takes her to meet the Gods. Here they give her the keys to save two lives that will complete the circle and make them nine once again.

Unforunately, trouble still lurks. Artor now walks. Axis had lost contact with the stars. WolfSong walkes. The Prophecy has reared its ugly head. The traitor has been found and rules a strong army. While the twins were being born, hatred reigned. But where trouble lurks, goodness also walks. The Goodwife has come to help Faraday in her quest to plant the trees. Arne watches his master's back. WolfSong arrives to put Azhure on the correct path. Axis, with the help of the stars, regains life. And Gorgrael makes the choice that will become his undoing.

Even though it seems the entire world will collapse, this tale comes to a natural conclusion. Multiple lives have been lost. Many regrets have been suffered by the main characters. The races have combined forces to defeat the evil permeating the land, driving it back to where Gorgrael can only defend his outwardly beautiful castle. It is there that Axis's beautiful Lover dies, but not before extracting a promise Axis is bound to keep.

Starman is a shattering conclusion to the tale of Axis and Azhure. The next book in the larger series begins forty years later, featuring their son, Caelum, and his struggles in keeping peace in the land his parents helped create. Douglass is one author who needs to be read. Fantasy lovers everywhere will rejoice in the fact that her books will be republished in the United States, bringing joy to everyone who reads her epic tales of betrayal, love, disaster, and trust.

© 2002 by Brenda Ramsbacher for Curled Up With a Good Book

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