Love in the Time of Dragons
Katie MacAlister
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Love in the Time of Dragons (The Light Dragons)
Katie MacAlister
352 pages
May 2010
rated 2 1/2 of 5 possible stars

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In ancient times, when magic and warriors ruled lands, there existed the Dragons. While in human form, these changelings oozed power and beauty unachievable by any mere mortal. In Dragon form, they were the giant, glorious, magical beasts of legend that ruled worlds. And, like all true predators, these Dragons continually craved more territory and power. War was a way of life; so, too, was Love in the Time of Dragons.

Tully Sullivan wants to believe herself a normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill mom; for years, she has managed to be just that. However, the annual coma-like sleep she experiences is just a little bit odd. The additional fact that she somehow magically changes metals to gold while in this state makes her a top candidate for abnormal mother of the year. With her fledgling (and rather pathetic) skills as an apprentice mage, she easily dismisses the significance of her skills. But when she unexpectedly wakes in the home of dragons—who claim she is one of them, no less—her coma-induced skills are suddenly cast in a different light - as is everything else in her life.

After a whirlwind of revelations, Tully finds herself standing accused of being the mated dragon of a vicious killer, facing death for his crimes. With the realization that she is completely mortal though somehow also a dragon, her memories of him - and them - begin to return, as does the passion they have always shared. When her soulmate found not only to be alive but to have found her once again in a new century, she cannot resist the pull between their spirits - even if he is the murder everyone claims he is. Death couldn’t keep them apart; what are a few angry clans of dragons?

When authors choose a topic like dragons, they can take a lot of leeway and still come away with satisfied readers. Dragons are a classic mythological creature, and when written with just the right amount of power, sexual grandeur and heat, they can raise a novel’s coolness factor to the nth degree. That's why it's so surprising that Love in the Time of Dragons isn’t more…everything.

Dragons are supposed to be territorial, sexual predators first and foremost, the mythological beast consumed by fire, rage, passion and destructive capabilities that best all competitors; little—if any—of that is present in this book. At most, this group of characters squabbles like a group of medieval kings - temperamental, politically motivated and rather dull. The present-day protagonists are tedious (the attempts at making these two exciting seriously falls short of the mark) and blasé (readers are hard-pressed to find believable passion between these two), making most of their drama a page-turning chore.

On the commendable side, it's nice to read a novel sporting some moral fiber. The “no fighting, everybody gets along” theme running throughout is a good attempt at creating tense atmospheres and surly, grumpy characters, but in a dragon book…  Well, it just doesn’t make for a fun read. It's a shame that the great plot potential of Love in the Time of Dragons isn’t reached.

Originally published on Curled Up With A Good Book at © Sonia R. Polinsky, 2010

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