Jumping Lightyears
Dr. H
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Jumping Lightyears: The Evolution of Interstellar Travel
Dr. H
340 pages
June 2002
rated 2 of 5 possible stars

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Dr. H professes to be a well-educated and well-known scientist who is disguising his identity to protect his reputation in the scientific community. Indeed, this book travels well beyond the beaten track of traditional and quantum science. The book opens with a critique of theories on future possibilities of space travel and why faster-than-light speeds will never be possible. Dr. H then explains his unification theory of old and newer physics, which is heavy and requires an understanding of theorems such as Heisenburg’s uncertainly principle and Broglie waves. However, readers uncomfortable with physics can skip this chapter without losing the drift of the rest of the book. Subsequent chapters discuss PSI studies in China, and Dr. H’s definitions of paranormal phenomena including out of body experiences, teleportation, precognition and apparitions, all of which he claims are reproducible in a laboratory situation if science would only expand its world view. The experiments he discusses are fascinating if accurate and definitely present a challenge to traditional science.

Dr. H. then goes on to explain his utopian theory which discusses how justice, the law and society in general should be changed in order to make the world a better place and to enhance the spirituality of its inhabitants. His social theory is based on the aristarchy of ancient China and is oversimplified, to say the least. His ideas are often repetitive and contradictory. Though he is an advocate of freedom of expression, he recommends that “no new buildings shall be rectangular with rectangular repetitious windows,” in the name of aesthetics. Dr. H has a theory for just about everything form catching serial killers to saving the planet, revamping education to ending wars. In so doing, Dr. H claims to have “extended the scientific method to all those questions heretofore left out of science.”

All this eventually leads up to the point of the book, which is to explain the only way humans are ever going to accomplish intergalactic travel, according to Dr. H, is by evolving spiritually and developing the paranormal talents discussed earlier.

An entertaining read, but hard to take too seriously.

© 2004 by Corinna Underwood for Curled Up With a Good Book

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