Genesis of the Cosmos
Paul A. LaViolette
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Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation
Paul A. LaViolette
Bear & Company
384 pages
April 2004
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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Can ancient wisdom and modern physics intersect, presenting a cohesive concept of the origins of the Universe, and of life itself? Yes, according to a fascinating book by Paul A. LaViolette, who holds a degree in physics and lectures and writes widely on theoretical physics, astronomy and cosmology. According to his latest book, Genesis of the Cosmos, LaViolette hypothesizes that ancient myths and creation stories hold within them the key to understanding modern cosmology. Or, to put it more simply, we should always listen to, and learn from, our Elders.

By examining closely the creation myths of the ancient East and Mediterranean, the author sees many remarkable parallels with new physics discoveries. In fact, the ancient stories seem to be an almost coded language of science, and that a theory of cosmology emerges from these stories of order out of chaos.

Both ancient myth and modern phyics get the detailed treatment in this creative yet highly technical and strongly researched book. The author serves to unite two distinct modes of thought, the old and the new, both of which contain elements of truth in regards to modern scientific discoveries about the Big Bang, chaos theory, and most theoretical physics, including the world of the quantum. By closely examining the ancient lore of the cosmos, today’s scientists discern a new vision of twenty-first-century science, leading us to rethink our belief in the superiority of all things modern!

The book’s intention is to present a model of continuous creation and the author succeeds in doing so by combining such metaphysical elements as the Tarot, the legends of Atlantis, and the theoretical dynamics behind Astrology, with pure hard physics like relativity, chaos theory, quantum physics, and even field theory, presenting each with its ancient counterpart and origin (and, in the case of field theory, its flaws). The final result is a stunning concept of life continuously creating itself by emerging spontaneously from the soup of subquantum chaos, a concept even the most ancient wisdom traditions and teachers seemed to comprehend.

The book is filled with theories and stories and myths and equations that may boggle the mind, so read slowly and carefully, because this isn’t New Age stuff. In fact, Genesis of the Cosmos is pure science with a touch of speculative theory, and a creative and original twist of looking back into our past to discover our future.

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