Falling Awake
Jayne Ann Krentz
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Falling Awake

Jayne Ann Krentz
368 pages
October 2005
rated 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars
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Jayne Ann Krentz has produced another masterpiece of romance and suspense in her latest book, Falling Awake. Blending a smart, independent heroine with a tough but tender hero, Krentz weaves an intricate plot that will keep the reader riveted. Krentz delves into the world of dreams and examines the possibility that there are more to them than we realize.

Thirty-three-year-old Isabel Wright has finally found her niche in life as a research assistant at the Belvedere Center for Sleep Research. In truth, she is the one-and-only dream analyst in the tiny department of Dream Analysis. Most of her colleagues scoff at her work, but her boss, Dr. Martin Belvedere, hired her for her unique abilities, rescuing her from her former career as an operator on the Psychic Dream Hotline.

Isabel has the unique talent for what Dr. Belvedere calls Level Five lucid dreaming. According to Dr. Belvedere, Level Five lucid dreaming is a highly developed form of lucid dreaming where the dreamer has the ability to exert some control over the dream itself. It allows the dreamer to access and use their powers of intuition, insight, creativity, and unconscious observations in a unique and useful way. Most of his colleagues dismiss Dr. Belvedere’s theories as nonsense, but some people are very interested in the practical applications of his theories.

Isabel not only has the ability to be a Level Five dreamer, but she has a talent that allows her to analyze the dreams of other Level Five dreamers. She does this for two clients, whom she knows only as Client Number One and Client Number Two. It is an emotionally draining job at times, but Isabel finds it very satisfying while enjoying the monetary benefits the position brings her. Isabel finds herself fascinated by Client Number Two and his vivid dreams which she has to interpret. Her own dreams become filled with fantasies featuring this unknown man.

But Isabel’s life takes a drastic turn when her boss suddenly drops dead of a heart attack. When her boss’s estranged son takes over the Belvedere Center for Sleep Research, the first thing he does is fire Isabel and close down the Department of Dream Analysis. Finding herself jobless and with a stack of bills to pay, Isabel packs up and moves, wanting to make a new start.

Unknown to Isabel, Client Number One is Frey-Salter Inc., a carefully constructed corporate front for a highly classified government agency. They are very interested in the work she has been doing for them and the potential applications for Level Five dreaming. They have been using Level Five lucid dreaming to uncover clues to crimes and to track criminals. They are not about to lose track of someone as valuable to them as Isabel.

Ellis Cutler is a former agent for Frey-Salter, and although he is officially retired from the agency, he still does freelance work for them. Ellis is the mysterious Client Number Two, and he has no intention of letting Isabel get away from him. When the agency hires him to make contact with Isabel and lure her to work for Frey-Salter, Ellis is hot on her trail. Although they’ve had no physical contact with one another, Ellis has become fascinated with Isabel through their correspondence and dreams of her often.

A loner, Ellis is wary of his attraction to Isabel. Pushing his fantasies out of his mind, he is determined to maintain a professional relationship with her. But when a former colleague of Isabel’s is killed in a suspicious hit-and-run, Ellis fears that Isabel may be in danger. They are soon caught in a complex web of betrayal and murder where the line between dreams and reality is blurred.

Falling Awake has an intriguing and original plot that is both fascinating and complex. When you throw in the electric and interesting relationship between Isabel and Ellis, you have a book that is action-packed and engrossing. As always, Krentz has a host of appealing secondary characters that add depth to the story. Exploring the connection between dreams and reality, Falling Awake will keep you up reading long past bedtime. It is a must read for any fan of romantic suspense.

Originally published on Curled Up With A Good Book at www.curledup.com. © Norma Collins, 2005

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