Enjoy Yourself
It's Later Than You Think

Michael Levy
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It's Later Than You Think

Michael Levy
Point Of Life Inc.
128 pages
June 1999
rated 2 of 5 possible stars

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Enjoy Yourself: It's Later Than You Think follows author Michael Levy's Minds of Blue, Souls of Gold and What Is the Point? with a grandiose premise: "if you start to change the way you think, you will increase your life span and enjoy the remainder of your physical form here on this wonderful earth." But what kinds of thinking? What should we start thinking about, and with what changes in mind? What kinds of things, activities, and qualities should we enjoy, love and appreciate?

Curled Up With a Good BookThis outrageous book attempts to answer these unanswerable questions by using the KISS method, that is, keep answers simple, short, ambiguous, metaphorical, and incapable of being proven false. The reader is asked to suspend judgement without anxiety-provoking questions and alternative explanations to accept the author's utopian, naturalistic views of God, cosmos, man, Soul, nature, health ("most sickness is manifested from negative minds." p. 90), Spirit, Ego, intelligence, motivation, society, religion and Earth's mission in the universe. Levy asserts, "The mistake all religions make is viewing God in human terms." (p. 81) versus Blue wave force fields, invisible wind power, bubbles, light, a blade of grass, a tree, and more infinite possibilities.

Enjoy Yourself: It's Later Than You Think exhorts us to denounce all forms of materialism, rules and regulations, conformity, anxiety, anger, panic, negativity, and so on, unless, of course, in each and every instance they bring us joy or some manifestation of divine bliss. How high is the standard for joy? The author views crying as "an expression of self-pity." (p.103) since it is based on how we view the situation we are crying about, rather than crying for joy or recovering from separated or lost loves.

How do we do start towards this form of personal simplification (e.g., experiencing only either categorically positive or negative sensations), spiritual purification, fantasy fulfillment, and counter-cultural disengagement for a more marginal, cult-like compliance to the here-and-now moment? One can repeat the book's prescriptions, especially the italicized statements and rhymes scattered within, and read the 20 proverbs concluding the work. One can meditate for one hour a day, try to relinquish physical attachments and reference points, then enter what Levy calls "babyhood" with the Spirit or Soul's energy as one's guide. Of course, in the real world one should stay away from negative people as a stereotypical form of support. Joyless, devil-guided people will reject this spiritualistic perspective and its related mumbo jumbo. Levy doesn't consider joyful, devil-minded people, or the fact that if most of the folks he's writing for do not have a sufficient amount of joy in their lives, logically they should reject this perspective, at least in this section of the book.

The reader becomes quickly snared in a quagmire of contradictory truisms, metaphorical statements (e.g., grab ego by the scruff of the neck) and even more difficult questions. Who is responsible for making these enjoyable changes any way if change is claimed to be inevitable (God, man's sensations, nature, Soul)? Finally, cultural values and human qualities for patience, practice, perseverance, achievement, learning, and success are introduced, paradoxically it seems, as aids for maintaining a jolly outlook while playing golf, buying stocks, gambling, and any effort to achieve a life of joy and happiness.

© 2001 by David L. Johnson, Ph D, for Curled Up With a Good Book

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