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buy *Dietstep: 20 Grams 20 Minutes - For Women Only! The Doctor's 3-Step Quick Weight-Loss & Easy Fitness Plan* online Diet-Step: 20 Grams/20 Minutes - For Women Only! The Doctor's 3-Step Quick Weight-Loss & Easy Fitness Plan
Fred A. Stutman, M.D.
Medical Manor Books
288 pages
September 2001
rated 5 of 5 possible stars

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Why are diet books read? Who reads them? Those seeking to lose weight. And yet, if nutrition were clearly understood, some diet books like, Fred A. Stutman, M.D.'s, Diet-Step 20 grams/20minutes For Women Only! The Doctor's Easy 2-Step Quick Weight-Loss & Fitness Plan, would be read by everyone. The sad truth is that the diet of most Americans, fat or thin, is not perfect. Generally, most North Americans have bad dietary and exercise habits which they never change until health troubles such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease threaten.

Curled Up With a Good BookMany diet books -- and there are an abundance of them in bookstores and on home bookshelves -- are geared to a "fix-it" plan designed to help the overweight person lose those extra pounds. They are generally touting some strange gimmick: no-fat, no-protein, high-fat, high-protein. For the most part the diets in these books work for some people some of the time, but not for all people and not all of the time. Other diet books, like Dr Stutman's, attempt to change the lifestyle of their readers. If the reader -- fat or thin -- is committed to the change, then they will find many additional health benefits besides mere thinness.

Stutman's easy two step Diet and Fitness plan involves two factors: The Diet-step: getting the reader to eat less of the wrong things (fat) and more of the right things (fiber) and the Fit-Step: showing the benefits of walking. "Ease" of course, is a matter of opinion. Some would-be dieters won't like Dr Stutman's recommendation that they count fat grams and record certain foods. And others might frown at the idea of taking daily twenty-minute walks.

Dr. Stutman is also the author of The Doctor's Walking Book and other walking books. It is evident that he has researched the benefit of walking and knows its benefits. He writes to convince and he does. Diet Step 20/20 is written primarily for women. As such, he takes aim at those other diet and fitness routines women have tried in the past. He discusses the dangers of jogging and aerobics, for instance. But dancing, skipping, and treadmills are allowed. The book is a rich lode of female-related statistics, tables, convincing arguments, guidance, tips, and lists. Did I say lists? In the book, there are lists that show us diet facts and fallacies, the dangers of cholesterol, the benefits of walking, the benefits of fiber. There are also charts including a fat and fiber chart and a Fit-step cheater's plan and sample meals. All this information is given for the purpose of educating and convincing the reader to turn towards a healthier, more life-enhancing lifestyle.

The tone of the writing is conversational, yet it carries a certain authority: after all, one is listening to doctor's advice. Not only does this informative -- some might say encyclopedic -- book show the relationship between nutrition and exercise. It also shows how stress, hormones, eating habits, and depression affect and are affected by diet. Dr. Stutman sees the issue of weight holistically. Anyone reading this book will discover something they can benefit from it.

© 2002 by Carole McDonnell for Curled Up With a Good Book

buy *Dietstep: 20 Grams 20 Minutes - For Women Only! The Doctor's 3-Step Quick Weight-Loss & Easy Fitness Plan* online
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