The Comfort Trap
Judith Sills
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The Comfort Trap or, What If You're Riding a Dead Horse?
Judith Sills
256 pages
May 2005
rated 3 1/2 of 5 possible stars

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“Are you stuck?” That is the key question this self-help book dares to take on. For anyone who is feeling as though they are riding a dead horse, whether in the area of career, love life or health, The Comfort Trap is sure to light a fire under the proverbial butt and get you moving up and out of the safety zone of life.

Judith Sills, Ph.D., author of Excess Baggage, presents a powerful recipe for change, prodding the reader through a seven-step plan that can change your life, and expand the comfort zone, where we often hide out for fear of the unknown. Using some of her most challenging clients in her practice as a clinical psychologist, Sills first describes the many ways we get ourselves nice and comfortable, and miserably stuck, and then shows how she helped her clients take each of the seven necessary steps to face their fears, and do the thing they dreamed of doing anyway.

The image of a dead horse prevails throughout, which the author equates with a life less than extraordinary, and often downright oppressively boring. Once our horse is dead, we sometimes refuse to get off, or deny that it is dead in the first place, thus preventing the necessary steps to move through the fear of what life might hold in store. We stay on top of our mount, hoping some exterior force will act upon us because we are too weak, scared, tired or unmotivated to act for ourselves.

This handy guide presents a workable plan for change, and its direct and no-nonsense style will have even the biggest excuse-makers running for cover as they are challenged to get off their dead horse and find one that can actually walk. A lot of the material has been presented before in self-help books about motivation and moving beyond fear, but Sills has a powerful style and an honesty that other books often lack. She knows how to get at every possible reason why a person won’t change, and offers a viable solution instead.

Facing what hurts, breaking through the comfort barrier, creating a personal vision and taking action, no matter how small, are all parts of the plan that can send you soaring out of your comfort zone and into a life filled with new adventures.

Saddle up!

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