Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements
Marie-France Muller, MD, ND, PhD
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Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements: How to Restore the Body's Natural Vitality
Marie-France Muller, MD, ND, PhD
Healing Arts Press
224 pages
April 2005
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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With all the books about diet, health and nutrition on the market, it is nice to see one that focuses entirely on the importance of minerals and trace elements in the human body. Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements documents the host of health complaints that can be, in large part, the result of lack of proper minerals and elements, due to depleted nutrients in our soil and an increasing lack of quality food for us to consume.

Author and naturopathic doctor Marie-France Muller states that intensive factory farming, which is the norm here in America, is responsible for the degradation of our soil, which in turn affects the plants and animals we consume. Ultimately, as this comprehensive book points out, it affects us with a variety of ailments, illnesses and diseases that are the direct result of mineral imbalances. Supplements alone may not be enough to help, the author points out, because most vitamin/mineral blends just donít contain enough key trace elements and minerals in the colloidal form Ė the soluble suspended state in which plants absorb minerals from soil.

The book takes each mineral and element and shows what bodily functions are affected, and what the specific properties are, as well as what each of the 55 trace elements provide as benefits in the way of medical treatment. There are also suggested daily dosages based upon the solid research in the book, which focuses strongly on making up for what our nutrient-lacking environment takes away.

Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements sounds like it is a book about these little, tiny things the body barely needs to function well, but that could not be further from the truth. Many of these elements, although found in such small amounts in the human body, can wreck utter health havoc if not replaced at all and kept in perfect, natural balance! And with the lower-quality food we eat, thanks to lousy soil, tainted water and pesticides and hormones added in for good measure, even a trace of a particular element could mean the difference between extreme fatigue and glowing and glorious well-being.

This is an important book for anyone who truly seeks health and vitality. Ignoring the trace elements and small amounts of minerals our body needs could be big, big trouble.

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buy *Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements: How to Restore the Body's Natural Vitality* online
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