The Clear Skin Prescription
Nicholas Perricone
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The Clear Skin Prescription: The Perricone Program to Eliminate Problem Skin
Nicholas Perricone
272 pages
October 2004
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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Dermatologist extraordinaire Dr. Nicholas Perricone is back again with a whole new program geared towards achieving perfect skin. Using much of his trademark focus on nutrition, supplements and topical products which are outlined in his previous books, The Perricone Prescription and the new The Perricone Promise, this program is designed to un-do the damage of inflammation and bad lifestyle habits on the skin, which he believes to be responsible for most of the visual effects of aging. Perricone offers a four-week (28-day) program to a flawless complexion and a more fit and healthy body overall.

The book begins with a detailed explanation of what really causes problem skin, including such culprits as stress, hormonal changes, and most notably, inflammation. The author is deft at putting technical medical research into easily-understood laymanís terms, making clear his claims that clear skin and good health go hand in hand and are often the results of the same important lifestyle changes. Thatís where the program kicks in, with a day-by-day plan description that tells you what to eat and drink and how to exercise, as well as which supplements and topical products to use.

The ďThree-Tiered Perricone Clear Skin Program,Ē as he calls it, begins with an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of the foods that will best help not just the skin, but help balance the metabolism, provide energy and burn fat. Salmon, nuts, berries, whole grains, and veggies and fruits take center stage, with plenty of warnings to avoid white refined carbs and high-fat meats and dairy products. The second tier is vitamin and mineral supplementation, and Perricone gives tons of details and info about which are best to take, and why. You really get an understanding of what each vitamin, amino acid and mineral do for the body and how crucial they are for great health. Tier three involves the use of topical anti-inflammatory agents, including the much-touted DMAE, which Perricone speaks of often in previous books and seminars, and where and how you can get them.

Perricone does not ignore things like stress reduction and exercise and even suggests yoga as a powerful way to clear the mind, skin and body. He includes some of the most useful yoga poses, with illustrations and short descriptions. The book also features plenty of scrumptious recipes courtesy of award-winning chef Bernard Guillas, and a resource and question-and-answer section. And if that isnít enough, you can always visit the website,, for more info.

I always love to watch Nicholas Perricone on PBS because his programs make so much sense. Eat right, move right, take the right products and get rid of stress, and you really can achieve more vitality and clearer skin to boot. His books take those programs one step further by providing some intriguing before-and-after color photos of some of his patients who have been put on his program. Their stories offer inspiration for any reader struggling with complexion problems and show that his common-sense approach really can work to achieve optimal health for the whole body, inside and out.

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