The Answer to Cancer
Carolyn Runowicz & Sheldon Cherry
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The Answer to Cancer: Stop It Before It Starts, Arrest It In Its Earliest Stages, Keep It from Coming Back
Carolyn Runowicz & Sheldon Cherry
320 pages
September 2004
rated 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars

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The Answer to Cancer is one of those books you just donít want to read, because you are terrified of the subject matter. It is also one of those books you just have to read, because you just might save your life doing so. Filled with the most current information about preventing cancer, stopping it once it happens, treating it, and keeping it from coming back, The Answer to Cancer is a powerful tool for anyone facing cancer, or who cares about someone who may be.

State-of-the-art cancer prevention is the key focus, with cutting-edge scientific research into the various drugs, vitamins, therapies and treatments that keep cancer from showing up, or help defeat it once it does. The information and advice in this highly detailed and proactive book can help readers beat cancer, and stay cancer free for life, often by taking some control of the many risk factors that include diet, exercise, lifestyle habits and even genetic background.

The authors, two of the preeminent cancer experts in the world, utilize their combined knowledge of cancer and human health and present a cancer prevention plan that focuses on self-care and knowledge. The chapters include the most up-to-date information on the varieties of cancers that most effect our population, including prostate, breast, lung, colorectal, ovarian, pancreatic, cervical and oral cancers. We get a comprehensive look at how cancer appears in the body, how it grows, what treatments are effective, and how our own ability to care for ourselves helps the healing process.

The 7-Step Cancer Prevention Program is nothing we havenít heard a million times before, focusing on lifestyle changes we can, and should, make, but backed up with enough solid facts and information that it just might actually sink in this time. There is plenty of new evidence showing that our lifestyles may have more to do with our cancer risk than we ever thought possible, and this is both good and bad news. Bad news because it means we have to start rethinking our diet and exercise plans and basic health routines. Good news because it puts a terrifying disease like cancer under our control and not under the control of fate or lousy luck.

The Answer to Cancer is not an easy book to read for someone like me, with a current clean bill of health, but with several cancer deaths in my family to think about. But easy or not, it is interesting, exciting and certainly enlightening, and will no doubt give me a greater sense of control over my own health, and my life. That is the purpose of this book Ė to educate, enlighten and empower. Read it and learn, for it just might save your life.

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buy *The Answer to Cancer: Stop It Before It Starts, Arrest It In Its Earliest Stages, Keep It from Coming Back* online
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