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Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson
Amber Frey
224 pages
January 2005
rated 3 of 5 possible stars

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As the disappearance of Laci Peterson gained media attention and her husband, Scott Peterson, became the primary suspect, I simply could not get enough information about the case. I closely followed the events leading up to Petersonís arrest, the trial and his ultimate conviction and sentence to death row. Based on my insatiable appetite for details, its probably more than appropriate that I committed to read and review Amber Freyís Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson.

The book is thin, the print is large, and there are pictures of Amber as a young child throughout. As I began to read, I could not understand the relevance of the photographs of Amber at a young age or those that included her sister. It was not until I completed the book and learned just how little information Amber had to offer that I realized that, without this superfluous information, her story would amounted to little more than a lengthy magazine article.

The basic facts have been well-reported and are rehashed in her story: Amber Frey was introduced to Scott Peterson by a friend, began to date him, and a relationship ensued. Scott showered Amber with a pack of lies, ranging from his statement that he lost his wife to his excuse that he could not spend much time with her because of his hectic travel schedule around the country and abroad. Amber became suspicious about Scottís actions, learned the truth about his identity, and took on a critical role in his prosecution.

Amberís book details her relationship with Scott from their first date (they spent the night together) and how he swept her off her feet (quickly). She discusses the small details that made her a bit uneasy about their relationships and how the truth about Scott and his involvement with Laci Petersonís disappearance began to surface. She explains how she willingly cooperated with the officials----agreeing to secretly record her conversations with Scott while being coached by the investigation team.

If you did not read a newspaper, watch a news program, or visit your work water cooler from the time Laci Peterson was reported missing until Scott Peterson was sentenced to death row, then I recommend this book since it offers a down-and-dirty summary of the relevant events. If you are even remotely familiar with current events, then you forgo reading this book with confidence since it brings little new information to light.

© 2005 by Lori West for curledup.com.

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