Breaking the Time Barrier
Jenny Randles
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Breaking the Time Barrier: The Race to Build the First Time Machine

Jenny Randles
Paraview Pocket Books
288 pages
April 2005
rated 5 of 5 possible stars

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I have been a fan of Jenny Randles for a long, long time. So many of her books are exciting and thrilling and informative at the same time, and she is masterful at making difficult subject matter so easy for the average Joe and Jane to understand. That’s probably why she’s sold well over a million copies of her fifty books.

Randles’ latest, Breaking the Time Barrier, is all about time travel, and it is like going to a theme park, getting on one of those amazing and mind-blowing “virtual” rides, and not getting off for several days (or as long as it takes you to read and absorb the material in this book!). The book documents the quest for time travel over the last century and highlights the key characters and developments that have led physicists to this point in history – where fantasy and reality are merging as one.

According to Randles, the race to build a workable time machine is not a recent venture but one that began about a hundred years ago with research by names such as Marconi, Edison, Tesla, even Einstein. That race continued through the twentieth century with stunning new discoveries in physics that began to make reality look more like science fiction, with remarkable experiments being conducted all over the world into breaking the speed of light, time travel, inter-dimensional travel, multiple universes, string theory, slowing and freezing light, and even the remote possibility that one day a human could actually travel in time.

Believe it or not, it has already happened, and the most cutting edge theories, research and experiments over the last several years are the exciting culmination of a book that, truly, is like being on a rollercoaster creeping higher and higher on its track, building suspense and tension with every rising moment. But, as the author’s amazing and detailed research shows us, that rollercoaster ride never takes a descending plunge. It just keeps going higher and higher still.

As each year passes, we are getting closer and closer to time-travel breakthroughs that boggle the mind. In fact, it might surprise many readers to learn that humans have already succeeded in time-traveling, albeit in tiny distances. It may also surprise readers to learn just how actively time travel and related theories are being pursued in the halls of many labs and universities, albeit in secret.

Breaking the Time Barrier is more than just a book about the history of time travel; it is also a primer for anyone interested in the most cutting-edge discoveries in physics and astrophysics and quantum mechanics, conveyed by an author who stands head and shoulders above the rest in making the complex easily understood.

Forget the space race - we are now on a mission to travel through time, and all the key countries are lining up their best and brightest in a race that will surely see an explosive and thrilling climax occur within just a few decades. Buckle up!

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