The Rosedale Diet
Ron Rosedale & Carol Colman
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The Rosedale Diet

Ron Rosedale & Carol Colman
336 pages
August 2004
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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The Rosedale Diet is another in a long line of diet books to hit the charts over the last few years. This time the focus is on the new science of controlling leptin, a powerful hormone that controls hunger by telling the brain when to eat, how much to eat, and when to stop eating. When leptin levels are off, weight piles on, energy plummets and the risks of heart disease, diabetes and even hypertension increase.

Internationally-renowned expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine Dr. Ron Rosedale has put together a plan of eating, exercise and supplements that promises to keep leptin levels where they should be, and his book offers tons of research and evidence to back up his claims about the dangers of wild leptin levels. He also includes plenty of stories of people he has helped to lose weight and regain their health using his plan. In addition, expect to find detailed instructions of meal plans, including recipes, the right kinds of vitamins and minerals to help the metabolism, and suggestions on exercise as well.

Like the Atkins and South Beach diets, The Rosedale Diet focuses on eating fewer white, refined carbs, eating more quality fats, and getting the right amount of protein, and in this respect, it is really a carbon copy of so many books before it. But it is a bit more strict in what is allowed during the first three-week phase, and later many grains are completely not allowed, but here again the focus is very specific – keeping the levels of the hormone leptin in perfect balance. By doing this, the author promises you will turn into a fat-burning machine, not a sugar-burning one.

One of the points the book makes that will no doubt have appeal to many readers is that when the right diet is being consumed, only fifteen minutes of exercise a day will help weight loss. Couch potatoes who still can’t get used to the "thirty minutes a day five times a week” plan can certainly do this.

The Rosedale Diet is well-written, easy to follow, and chock full of research to back up the medical claims being made. Again, it is a variation of many diets already out there, but still holds its own as a powerful program for health, well-being and doing away with the dangerous trans fats and white refined sugars that are slowly, but surely, killing us.

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