Risky Business
Suzanne Macpherson
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Risky Business

Suzanne Macpherson
384 pages
December 2002
rated 3 1/2 of 5 possible stars

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Suzanne Macpherson's Risky Business tells the story of a romance that develops between a most unlikely couple -- Marla Meyers, a supermodel who simply oozes glamour and class, and Tom Riley, an insurance agent who is almost dirt-poor, with no class and no pizzazz whatsoever. This odd pair first meets when Marla comes wafting into Tom’s almost-empty office (where time has frozen sometime in the 1970s) on a cloud of perfume and asks him to insure her famous and stunningly beautiful face for a sum of three million dollars. Any other insurance agent would have taken a good look at her beautiful face sporting a shocking black eye and said a resounding "No." But a desperate Tom Riley, with an ex-wife breathing down his neck for child-support checks, cannot afford to do so and takes out the policy. He regrets it immediately when Marla proves that she’s a disaster waiting to happen and a klutz of the first order, as walking out of his office she trips and almost falls down the stairs.

The head office of Granite Insurance takes a dim view of this policy, ordering Riley to literally be Miss Meyers’ shadow for the duration of thirty days and make sure her face sustains no damage during this crucial time period. Tom finds himself a fish out of water in Marla’s modeling world, where bitchiness is a way of life and gay men itching to get their hands on Riley’s hidden muscular physique abound. Watching Marla prance around in skimpy clothing does nothing but raise his blood pressure, and her constant accident-prone ways are about to give Riley a heart attack. But Riley, who’s a mystery book addict, soon suspects that someone is out to sabotage his three-million-dollar client and he makes it his business to investigate. Meanwhile, Marla has a few secrets of her own which she does not want revealed. What will happen when Riley starts poking around?

Suzanne Macpherson has a refreshing, breezy style, precise and humorous at the same time. The reality of the modeling world is revealed – hard work, bitchiness, non-stop competition, constant weight-watching, exotic locales, fantastic money, zits, PMS and all. Marla is as far from the clichéd dumb model concept as possible. With a secret career as an author, this model is one dynamic combination of brains, beauty and, of course, klutziness, which makes her one of the more remarkable and the funniest female lead in recent romance. Tom Riley is sort of like Superman -- a thoroughly nice guy, hiding his looks and muscles beneath shabby and baggy clothes, but emerging at precisely the right moment to save the heroine from peril – in other words, a totally corny hero. Nothing surprising or even interesting there. The plot line is unpredictably devious and keeps the reader guessing as to whether there is even a mystery in the book or not. Comedy is rampant. To sum up – very enjoyable and a perfect light read.

© 2003 by Rashmi Srinivas for Curled Up With a Good Book

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