A Pace of Grace
Linda Kavelin Popov
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A Pace of Grace: The Virtues of a Sustainable Life
Linda Kavelin Popov
341 pages
June 2004
rated 3 1/2 of 5 possible stars

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Have you ever wanted to stop the whirlwind that your busy life has become? Are you feeling overwhelmed, fed up, stressed out and exhausted by your daily schedule? If you answered those questions with a resounding “yes", you will relate to the issues in Linda Kavelin Popov’s Pace of Grace: The Virtues of a Sustainable Life. Not only will you relate to A Pace of Grace; this guidebook on redirecting and organizing your “new life” may help you and send you off in an entirely new, more satisfying direction.

Popov is no stranger to feeling extremely busy, overdone, anxiety-ridden and exhausted. An informal, impromptu conversation that she had with a cab driver in 2001 led to a bleak and startling recognition that her life was out of control. She was too busy and she was suffering from a fast-paced life of constant work and excess. While she enjoyed her work in the healing professions, her passion had become all-consuming and turned into something that was counterproductive for her. Her simple desire to be of service to others had rendered her teetering toward exhaustion. Instead of wallowing in her current unsatisfactory state, Popov took action and her guide, A Pace of Grace, is aimed to assist others in finding their way to a more peaceful, fulfilling and sustaining life.

In her book, Popov offers clear instructions and guidance on how to improve one’s life. The “Ten Rules” are practical rules on purifying one’s diet, breathing through yoga, proper vitamin intake, “proactive rest,” “pacing yourself,” praying every hour, pursuit of peaceful activities (i.e., less television), “Play!,” prioritizing, and creating a plan for a “Sustainable Life.” Popov goes into detail and explains each rule, provides practical examples and exercises for the reader. She provides pictures of breathing and yoga exercises, advice on diet and learning forgiveness. The end of each chapter summarizes the rule discussed to provide clarity and concrete direction for the reader.

In addition to the Ten Rules, Popov discusses the Five Strategies (Speaking the Language of Virtues, Recognize Teachable Moments, Set Clear Boundaries, Honor the Spirit and Offer Spiritual Companioning), which Popov claims will help us live more reverent lives that are filled with purpose, in addition to creating culture, raising morally conscious children and enhancing integrity at the workplace. Overall, the Five Strategies are intended to be used universally to create communities that are thoughtful and safe.

A Pace of Grace and its detailed and instructive program may be just the ticket to for the anxiety-ridden, flustered and exhausted. While the tone of the book tends to become “preachy” at times, and while some readers may not want to “pray every hour,” the guiding principles and strategies in the book are practical and most likely will be well-received by readers. The book is well-organized and the writing is clear, concise and easy to read. Check out A Pace of Grace if you are feeling overwhelmed with your life and personal schedule and need help to guide you in a new direction.

© 2004 by Shannon I. Bigham for Curled Up With a Good Book

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