Diary Of A Medical Intuitive
Christel Nani
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Diary Of A Medical Intuitive: One Woman's Eye-opening Journey From No-nonsense E.R. Nurse To Open-hearted Healer And Visionary
Christel Nani, R.N., Ph.D.
L.M. Press
175 pages
September 2004
rated 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars

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Imagine living simultaneously in two different worlds: that of the hard and fast chaos of working in a major urban ER, and that of walking between the physical and spiritual realms as you discover you have a gift few others on the planet possess. This is the fascinating and entertaining story of a woman named Christel Nani, who spent sixteen years working as a trauma nurse in some of the busiest New York emergency rooms. During this time, she began to realize that she could read the medical diagnoses of her patients, not in words on a chart, but by the appearances of their “energy fields” which surrounded their physical bodies.

At first, she tried to dismiss her growing talent for intuiting illness, but eventually, as this amazing book documents, she simply could not deny her gift or her ability to understand the causes of disease and distress often ignored by a medical community bent on focusing only on symptoms.

As the author comes to terms with her talent as a medical intuitive, it turns her whole life upside down, personally and professionally, and she is forced to finally make some major changes in her career, her life direction, and, when she is diagnosed with MS, her own health. Her story of discovery, struggle for acceptance, fear of the unknown, surrender to faith and finally the freedom of falling into who she was meant to be makes Diary of a Medical Intuitive exciting reading, and inspiring food for spiritual thought.

Throughout the book, Nani discusses her growing awareness of the spiritual level of existence and its direct effects on health and physical well-being, and of her study of the energy system known as “chakras", which would become her most powerful tool in working her intuitive healings. We get an inside glimpse into some of her one-on-one work with patients, many of whom did not have any idea of the severity of their diseases, and many of whom did not believe in anything other than good old modern medicine until they met Christel. We also learn about the techniques Nani employs during her readings, and how she not only intuits physical illness, but emotional and spiritual illness as well, which she believes often does more damage to our energy centers than even bodily disease.

I was chilled by her discussion of “energetic suicide,” which Nani claims affects so many people in today’s busy/crazy/fearful society. Energetic suicide is like walking through life without meaning, purpose or joy, and could be described as being in a sort of automaton or zombie-like state – alive, but not really living. Nani talks about how she, and other intuitives, are able to see into the past of a person, understand their subconscious and tribal beliefs that hold them back from happiness, and witness the deep levels of denial, fear, anger, shame and doubt that often hold them back from living their dreams. This intuitive discernment occurs in changes and fluctuations in the body’s energy field, and is not visible to the normal naked eye, yet gives more information about a person than any medical chart or history.

Nani’s field is finally getting some credit, as more and more studies of the power of energy medicine and intuitive healing come to light, and even science is talking about a “field” of energy that underlies all things and directly affects the electromagnetic aspects of the human body, as well as our thoughts and intentions. Although Nani may still be ahead of her time, it looks hopeful that modern medicine will one day catch up soon, and we will have our energy fields examined along with our blood pressure and heart rates.

In the meantime, Diary of a Medical Intuitive provides us with plenty of ideas and suggestions for ways we can begin our own healing, and raise our health and energy levels, and that makes this more than just a really great book. It makes it a powerful tool for wellness.

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