Losing America
Robert C. Byrd
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Losing America: Confronting a Reckless and Arrogant Presidency
Robert C. Byrd
W.W. Norton
270 pages
July 2004
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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Losing America is without a doubt one of the most intelligent books to come out lately taking to task the many failures of the Bush administration. Written with class, honesty and an underlying anger that many readers will share, the honorable Senator Robert Byrd, considered one of the most respected elder statesmen in American politics, lays down in full detail the broken promises, reckless policies and arrogant attitudes of a president gone haywire.

Using his own wisdom and personal experiences dealing with the Bush administration and his fellow Congress members, many of whom continue to cower in fear and betray their constituents by not standing up for the Constitution, Byrd not only defends the traditions of the Founding Fathers that he feels are being trampled by this administration, but gives fact and figure as to just how truly dangerous this quest for empire at any cost is becoming – to our security, our economy and our standing in the world.

It is obvious Byrd loves America but longs for the return to a country that lives by the rules of the Constitution, not an unruly and totally unchecked president and an inept and powerless Congress, which have colluded in destroying basic civil rights, leading us into two costly and tragic wars, and amped up the production of weapons of mass destruction not only in rogue nations, but right here at home.

So many times has Byrd been the lone voice of reason in the body of Congress, and this book documents his many battles trying to maintain a sense of sanity and balance when arguing the costs of pre-emptive war, tax cuts for the rich, the destruction of the environment, the dangerous and shadowy Patriot Acts, and so much more. In fact, one can get a real sense of the insider’s glimpse as to how Congress works by reading this book. Then again, one can get a real sense of how Congress doesn’t work – at least not for the citizens it is sworn to represent.

Truly enraging, frustrating and at times, depressing, Losing America covers the gamut of political issues affecting us all, from the failing economic policies that will soon bankrupt education, Social Security and Medicare, to the narrow-minded pursuit of the Axis of Evil, to the complete disappearance of a system of checks and balances. Hopefully, this book will wake up even the most indifferent and undecided voter to the realization that we are no longer the democracy we pretend to be. The sad fact is, Senator Byrd may not be around much longer in the halls of Congress to stand up for what is right, or to sound the warning call, but for now, we can count on his voice of reason to stand out amidst the sea of insanity coming from the halls of politics and justice.

© 2004 by Marie D. Jones for curledup.com.

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