The Life Extension Revolution
Philip Lee Miller, MD, & Monica Reinagel
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The Life Extension Revolution: A Personal Journey Through India, Pakistan, Love, and Hate
Philip Lee Miller, MD, & Monica Reinagel
416 pages
May 2005
rated 5 of 5 possible stars

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Living longer isn’t just about adding on more years to your life. It’s about adding on more quality along with more years, and The Life Extension Revolution is all about both. Age 80 is the new 60, according to the great medical minds at the Life Extension Foundation (LEF), and they have combined their extensive knowledge into a book that can help the reader achieve peak physical and mental performance well into what we used to refer to as “old age.”

LEF is the largest organization dedicated to researching every method of extending the human life span, and the potential therapies they’ve discovered are documented in this fascinating book. Methods for halting the process of aging, treating degenerative diseases, and achieving optimal health are described, along with diet, hormone replacement therapy, exercise and supplements that can help create these changes naturally within the body. Although some of the therapies do require the assistance of a highly trained anti-aging doctor (and the book tells you how to find one in your area), there are dozens of things the reader can begin to do today to improve and extend their own life.

Philip Lee Miller, M.D., is founder and medical director of the Los Gatos Longevity Institute in Norther California, and he and the LEF staff are involved with some truly fascinating investigations into extending human life spans, some involving caloric restriction, cryogenics, and stem cell research. But most of the work they do involves things that are readily available to anyone today, not in the near future, and only require a commitment to making changes that benefit the total body system. Blood tests are described that can help the reader discern whether he or she needs work on thyroid, metabolic, sex hormones, insulin or cholesterol issues, and a complete regimen of nutrition, exercise using interval training, and supplementation is layed out, and is surprisingly easy to follow in comparison with some “diets” on the market. Everything from stress to sexuality is covered between the covers of this book, which could be described as a “how to” manual for improving the quality of life.

Ultimately, extending one’s life is not about how long you live but how well you live, and this timely and information-packed book is on the cutting edge of knowledge and research. The people at LEF are at the forefront of what is being done to stop the aging process at the cellular level, where it all begins, folks. The Life Extension Revolution is their gift to those who dare to accept the challenge of changing bad habits to good, learning new ways of living to achieve optimal health, and making the commitment to treat the whole body with the respect it deserves.

The end result might just be a few more good years of living.

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