If God Is Love
Philip Gulley & James Mulholland
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If God Is Love: Rediscovering Grace in an Ungracious World
Philip Gulley & James Mulholland
320 pages
November 2004
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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If God is Love is written by Phillip Gulley and James Mulholland, the authors of If Grace is True. In their first book, they made the convincing argument that God will save every person. This second book explores the power of this belief and its ability to change lives.

How much easier would life be if we were rock solid certain of Godís love?

The authors make the point that what we believe has great influence over how we live and interact with those around us. Beliefs have more power than people seem to realize these days. It used to be that everyone believed in something, and now it seems chic to question everything. Belief can be misused, though, even by churches where the threat of eternal damnation has left many a child cowering under their bedclothes at night. But that type of vindictive God only serves to perpetuate hate, fear, and violence, which is the antithesis of what Jesus taught. The authors challenge readers to base their actions and reactions on the premise that God does love everyone.

Gulley and Mulholland bravely take on the bears that have been stalking the church pews for years - the ones that everyone else seems to think "if we do not move they will think we are dead and move on." Unfortunately, that is what has happened to many churches: they have become so exclusionary that people have indeed moved on.

Gulley and Mulholland are trying to break down the wall that encircles most churches today and get people to see that you cannot be a Christian yourself if cannot accept everyone as loved in the eyes of God and therefore automatically welcome in any true Christian church, home, or gathering of any kind.

This book should be required reading for every church of every denomination, all school children old enough to read, and if necessary it should be handed out on street corners to try and get rid of this tired myopic view of Christianity that will not let certain people in. Jesus never refused anyone for any reason. Neither does any real Christian.

© 2005 by Camden Alexander for curledup.com.

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