Heroes Die
Matthew Woodring Stover
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Get *Heroes Die* delivered to your door! Heroes Die
Matthew Woodring Stover
Del Rey
May 1999
560 pages
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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Matthew Woodring Stover, author of Iron Dawn and Jericho Moon, has accomplished the creation of one of the best recent marriages of soft sci-fi and fantasy with Heroes Die. It gives us a flawed but likable protagonist in the form of one Hari Michaelson, aka Caine, a hardened killer who's got a huge soft spot in his heart for his ex-wife, an admirable woman whose loss in his life he deeply mourns. Hari speaks in the tones of a hardboiled 20th-century P.I., making Heroes Die a sort of out-of-this-world and out-of-this-time noirish detective thriller.

Curled Up With a Good BookSometime in the unspecified future, civilization on Earth has become a caricature of its present self. A hereditary caste system based on career-type keeps humanity from self-destructing while robbing it of much of its soul. At the top of the pecking order is the Leisure class, who mostly resemble the old-money families of today's New England. Ranking below are the Investing, Business, Administrative, Professional, Labor and Temp classes. The one thing averaging the castes is a modified version of the great opiate of the masses -- virtual entertainment. A web of television networks keeps humanity in thrall to something other than the fixed rigidity of their everyday lives, for a Tolkienish parallel world to earth has been discovered and is being strip-mined by the studio for its bloody Adventures.

Entertainer Hari Michaelson is known as Caine, the Blade of Tyshalle, in Ankhana, a land in a parallel universe where magic is the law much as science is on Earth. Studio technology sends him and myriad other Actors to Ankhana to create havoc, do battle, even assassinate in the name of Adventures that the "haves" back on Earth can first-hand in a sort of biotech VR, and the "have-nots" can rent in perpetuity on a pumped-up kind of video. Caine is one of the best, and especially valuable to the Studio's head, Administrator Kollberg, a humorless man with aspirations to move up in the world. Kollberg has no love for Hari; nor has he compunctions about using any of his Actors for the advancement of his own status. Hari's estranged wife, Shanna Leighton, is also an actor whose alter-ego is Pallas Ril, Adventuring mage. When she goes off-line on Ankhana, out of reach of the Studio's technology, a lifeclock starts ticking. An Actor not on-line will be pulled back to Earth from that parallel world in a messily mortal fashion.

Kollberg knows exactly how to manipulate Hari. The Administrator gives him a chance to save Pallas Ril, but he must first assassinate the most powerful man in Ankhana, a commoner who would be emperor: Ma'elKoth. A mage of unprecedented ability, Ma'elKoth aspires to be a god, believes in fact that he already is one. He is uniting the people of Ankhana in a way that the Studio will find makes for poor entertainment. The Studio wants civil war again -- it's so much more exciting (and profitable) than peace. Hari agrees, willing to do what he must for the chance to save the only woman he loves. He travels back to Ankhana, a world of elves and faeries, magic and gods, and is caught up in a complex web of betrayals and opportunistic alliances that could end with the death of the only thing he finds worth living for.

Heroes Die is itself a most excellent adventure, full of intrigue, magic, betrayal and lost love. Nothing is preordained; if nothing else, Stover truly knows how to build and sustain suspense. With an undeniably interesting cast of villains and reluctant allies, Heroes Die makes a refreshing break from the spec-fic pack.

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