Going Deeper
Jean-Claude Koven
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Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense
Jean-Claude Koven
Prism House
438 pages
August 2004
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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Going Deeper is a self-help book that manages to do something amazing it is completely original. Jean-Claude Koven utilizes a brilliantly imaginative story line to convey invaluable life lessons in an insightful yet fun-to-read style.

Going Deeper is for all of the millions of Wanderers who inhabit the Earth in a corporeal sense and yet constantly feel an underlying tug at their memory of where they actually came from because they know they did not originate the same way as the humans. The Wanderers are slow to awaken because of the powerful Veil of illusion that encompasses the entirety of Earth. It seems that rending the Veil will require more effort than the Wanderers originally thought that it would, and it cannot truly be done until their still-slumbering brethren join the ten percent who are already awake. However, awaken they must if they wish to ever reach the next step in their inevitable journey.

The main character is Larry, a Los Angeles attorney, who is accompanied by his faithful companion, Zeus. The pair spend more than two days attempting to navigate their way to the Joshua Tree Park. They meet a plethora of unlikely instructors along the way, including a rapping raccoon, stones that speak, trees that talk and a lovely white buffalo. With this unusual cast of characters, Larry finally begins to realize who he is and why he was put on Earth. The way the flora and fauna transmit this message without being a slave to the rigidly strict beliefs that normally hang over everyone and touches of humor make the vital lessons more palatable. The message virtually springs from the realm of fiction to touch and hopefully awaken the pulse and heart of the mere human readers who delve into this refreshing yet challenging book.

The plotting of the book is masterful, and Koven follows it lovingly. The characters are so well fleshed out that one indeed believes that the animals and vegetation are revealing such life changing information. Koven successfully walks the line of making the story both fantastic and at the same time believable. Anyone who appreciates masterful fiction and or could use some gentle guidance in his or her life should read this book. A great story and helpful advice.

© 2005 by Camden Alexander for curledup.com.

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