Science and Spirit
Angelo Parodi
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Buy *Science and Spirit: What Physics Reveals about Mystical Belief* by Angelo Parodi online

Science and Spirit: What Physics Reveals about Mystical Belief
Angelo Parodi
Pleasant Mount Press
288 pages
August 2005
rated 3 of 5 possible stars

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It has long been the unquestioned consensus that science and spirituality reside on opposite sides of a grand chasm, solidly determined to avoid even a passing acquaintance with each other. In recent decades, however, discoveries in the field of quantum physics have suggested to many that the chasm is not only closing but that it never existed at all.

In Science and Spirit: What Physics Reveals about Mystical Belief, author Angelo Parodi draws on his study of both fields to answer the question: Can educated people embrace the concepts of spirituality, mysticism, paranormal phenomena, and even magic?

Parodi himself is undeniably well-educated; having studied physics, math, and computer science, he now works as a software systems consultant. Such a background would seem to place him solidly in the scientific camp, but as a student of martial arts and “various esoteric disciplines,” Parodi recognizes the similarities in scientific theories and ancient mystical beliefs.

Beginning with an overview of the history of quantum physics, Science and Spirit succinctly summarizes a few pertinent breakthroughs and key players. Field theory, space-time, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, and Bell’s Theorem, among other key points, are deftly explained, allowing the reader a sufficiently stable foundation in scientific developments to understand the mystical correlations in the following chapters. Parodi extrapolates interpretations of scientific theory that “confirm our intuitive apprehensions of spirituality.”

An equally digestible section head ‘Metaphysical Implications,’ presents Parodi’s hypothesis that the “widely-accepted theories of science suggest underlying mechanisms that might explain [metaphysical] phenomena.” Parodi then tackles various paranormal mysteries such as astrology, ESP, crystals, even shape-shifting, and builds a persuasive case for a universe in which both science and spiritual possibilities coexist peacefully.

While Science and Spirit methodically ponders the possibilities for merging these scientific and spiritual concepts, Parodi takes a firm stance on the side of Believer. The book concludes with tales of Parodi’s own experiences with the paranormal, including photographs of ghosts and his tale of personal encounters with poltergeists.

In the same vein as The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Science and Spirit: What Physics Reveals about Mystical Belief offers briefer explanations and shorter sections. While this may seem disjointed to some readers, it serves effectively as a refresher course for those already familiar with the concepts covered here.

Clean, clear, and sincere, Parodi’s persuasive presentation makes it possible for those who consider themselves realists to believe in a world where magic is just the logical outcome of scientifically verifiable events.

Originally published on Curled Up With A Good Book at © Deborah Adams, 2007

buy *Science and Spirit: What Physics Reveals about Mystical Belief* online
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