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Godology: Because Knowing God Changes Everything
Christian George
Moody Publishers
176 pages
January 2009
rated 4 of 5 possible stars

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Curious about the Christian perspective on God but can’t seem to drag yourself to a dry, long-winded church service? Don’t think you can make it through a weighty theology book? Christian George’s Godology might be just the introduction to this complex subject matter you are looking for.

Targeting primarily the Gen X and Millennium Generation crowds, the author uses current trends in pop culture and creative, informal language to hold the attention of even the most impatient readers. Traditional Christian themes and teachings are slipped in to the reader’s consciousness in an effortless and painless fashion while still resulting in the same level of thought-provocation found in an intense sermon.

Godology seeks to spark interest in a population of Americans that author Christian George fears have become complacent or accustomed to merely surface-skimming their way through their faith. George challenges all to dig deeper, build a personal relationship with God, and live their lives with God on a daily basis. While God is undoubtedly a complicated and mysterious presence (incapable of being entirely defined by a single book), Godology attempts to highlight some of the special characteristics and soul-fulfilling lessons God has to offer if one practices a disciplined faith and is willing to grow and learn. Each chapter “explores a facet of God, a spiritual discipline, and a practical expression of that truth” in a cut-to-the-chase, contemporary kind of way. Using the language and idioms of a younger generation, George covers topics such as prayer, obedience, meditation, and fasting in a way that makes these concepts accessible and relevant to a subset of the population raised on MTV, TMZ, 3G, and HTTP.

Additionally, Godology suggests ways to connect with God that might strike certain individuals as fresh ideas, perhaps those who aren’t regular connoisseurs of religion or those who aren’t Biblical history buffs. The author describes the ways in which art, journaling, and labyrinth-walking can bring one closer to God and enrich the soul. Godology explains how we have become so accustomed to the digital world and online communications that it “can numb and distance us from what our souls where created to experience.” There is art all around us, George says - in the landscape of the outdoors, in fine art or crafts, in the written word. He inspires readers to take a break from the digital world and appreciate the beauty of the physical world around them.

Godology describes labyrinth-walking as “remarkable therapeutic” and explains how it can offer a vehicle for meditation, “spiritual focus”, confession, prayer, and “fellowship with God.” If you don’t have a labyrinth nearby, George suggests you make your own. No need to be fancy: “buy a circular rug to walk around”, “sketch a pattern in the sand” at the beach, or make one out of bricks or stones in your yard or the forest.

While Godology’s playful verbiage is directed toward the younger generation, the overall message and concepts are applicable to those of any age. At times, the pop culture references or attempts to be “current” can be a bit overkill and might seems contrived, but in general, the anecdotal additions make a heavy subject matter entertaining and intriguing. If you are looking for a general discussion of the concept of God from a variety of religious standpoints, you won’t find it in this book.

Those not of the Christian faith may take offense to some specific declarations or ideas throughout the books but can alternately gain enrichment by understanding the views of others and applying concepts of soul fulfillment more generally. While the overall message of this book is not lost on those new to Christianity, some seemingly vague references to Biblical scripture and stories might leave the novice Christian feeling like they are missing a piece of the puzzle. However, such sections are few and far between and do add to the sense the author is well-schooled in that about which he writes, further tempting readers to research religion and God on their own as a result.

As a whole, Godology succeeds in delivering a message with such enthusiasm and passion on the part of the author that it ignites that same excitement in the reader, holding interest from beginning to end and provoking meaningful contemplation about God long after the book is finished.

Originally published on Curled Up With A Good Book at www.curledup.com. © Michelle R. Polinsky, 2009

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